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What are the benefits of joining the APHS Group Lifestyle Discount Club?

By joining the APHS Group Lifestyle Discount Club you will have exclusive access to 100’s of discount offers covering eight key fields – Dining, Days Out, Motoring, Retail, Travel & Hotels, Entertainment, Health & Beauty and Services. Each of these categories is jam packed with offers from reputable organisations across the UK. As a club member, you literally have the opportunity to save £100’s!


How much does it cost to join?

To make it easy, there are three options when subscribing to the Lifestyle Discount Club:


Monthly Payments - Direct Debit (£4.99)
Monthly Payments - PayPal (£4.99)
Annual Subscription - PayPal (£50.00)


Lifestyle Discount Club also runs numerous promotions for various sectors. If you are a public service employee, you are entitled to a discounted monthly/annual subscription to the Lifestyle Discount Club. To utilise this discounted rate, when signing up ensure you use the PSUK promotion code and select the relevant payment option.


For private sector employees, the Lifestyle Discount Club also has many relationships with organisations across the country which entitle employees to exclusive discounted subscription rates. Please contact us on: if you'd like to check if you are eligible for discounted rates.

How do I pay my monthly direct debit subscription?

On joining the Lifestyle Discount Club, if you choose to pay by direct debit you will be required to complete a direct debit form, which is then securely processed by a direct debit bureau. Your monthly subscription of £4.99 will be debited from your account on the first working day of each month.


How do I pay PayPal subscription?

On joining the Lifestyle Discount Club, if you choose to make your subscription payments using PayPal then you will be given the option of how regularly you pay your subscription i.e. monthly or annually. Your subscription will be debited from your account on the anniversary date of when you join the club, i.e. if you join on the 2nd August 2011 and choose to pay annually, your first payment will be debited on 2nd August 2011, your second payment will be debited on the 2nd August 2012.


What happens if a subscription payment is unsuccessful?

If your payment defaults your online account will be deactivated and charges will apply, the Lifestyle Discount Club will only charge you for costs which are incurred to the club, the total fee will be £12.00 per default payment. You will be required to pay this fee via the Lifestyle Discount Club PayPal Account, email address: and you are obligated to destroy your membership card, which will no longer be valid.   


When will I receive my membership card?

If you join the Lifestyle Discount Club online, you can immediately register your online account which will give you access to all offers available to you and your membership card will follow by post. If you join the Lifestyle Discount Club by completing paper forms via one of our sales representatives, then the APHS Group team will forward you your online registration details and your membership card will also follow by post.


Is there a limit to how many times I can use my membership card?

No, you can use your membership card to access the unique discounts available to you via the APHS Group Lifestyle Discount Club as many times as you want to. You can literally save £100’s – we, here at the APHS Group Lifestyle Discount Club, want you to take full advantage of all the special offers available to you, so use your membership card at every opportunity you get!


Can family members and friends share the benefits of my membership card?

The membership card can be used to access discounts and benefits for the card holder only. The offers available to members do not extend to family or friends at any time. However, if you using your membership to make a purchase which your family/friends benefit from then this is fine, for example - if you are booking a family holiday, then the whole package will be discounted not just the value for one person.


Can the discount provider reject my membership card to receive offers?

All discount providers reserve the right to reject members accessing discounts in good stead, for example, if you do not have proof of membership and/or the correct promotional codes.


When making online/over the phone discount bookings, will the provider request to see my membership card?

When making online or over the phone discount bookings, all services/goods providers have the right to request you to produce your membership card before accessing discounts so always ensure you have your card with you when taking advantage of discounted services and goods.


If I lose my membership card can I request another?

You can request a replacement membership card at the fee of £2.99 – this will cover the cost of the card, postage and packaging.


If you would like to ask the APHS Group Lifestyle Discount Club team any more questions please contact us: